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Adult and Childrens Dressmaking and Sewing School.

Teaching the Skill of Dressmaking, from design , Pattern Drafting to those fine Tailored finishing tasks, Each Instruction based Fashion Project allows each pupil to learn sewing Skills, perfecting each Skill in a fun Learning environment with many class structures to Suit any ages and Levels of Experience.”

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Classes include:

Sew Creative Groups ages (6+) €75

Adult Dressmaking Classes (Max 8 Students) €100

Adult Private and Semi-private Lessons (Class times to suit Clients Specifically, please call 0871711339 to Book Your Places)


Sew Creative ages 6+

Sew Creative Classes are specially designed for Young Inspiring Sewing Artists at any Level of Sewing Experience.

For an activity to be considered art it must involve Creating Behaviors, which are defined as skills or tasks that involve developing students’ abilities to generate original ideas. Teaching for creativity requires intentional planning and direct instruction. To teach creativity, instruction must leave room for students to apply concepts through some level of choice , in a Professional Fun Environment, encouraging individuality in Design through a choice of using many Materials and Medias throughout creating each Fashion Design and Sewing Projects.

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