Well Just back From Limerick Racecourse, and what a great day we had, Strolling around, With so much to do and see with the fabulous pieces at the stalls in the Ladies Day Marquee, meeting Stylists, Designers, Bloggers, and generally being surrounded by the most gorgeous, well Styled Ladies Imaginable!

Today Myself and Edwina were both wearing my very own Bespoke Pieces.
I went for a jumpsuit again, but with this one I designed a peg-leg style tailored trouser, with a boat neckline in a top quality BlacK Dutchess Satin Fabric. To break up the colour I added a cummerbund waist detail in a gold and black floral print brocade fabric.
With the same Brocade Fabric I came up with a Standing Structured collar, Shoulder Cape Design. I loved the cummerbund waist detail so much on the jumpsuit, I kept the hem of the cape quite short with a sweeping type finish to the Cut.

I loved this, Black is not normally my go to choice of Colour for big events or even nights out at all, but i loved the finish, quality and general feel of this Jumpsuit. So classy, comfortable yet very unique.
Edwina’s Dress was a Peacock Blue, Luxury Satin Back Crepe Sheath Dress. This Colour is one of the nicest colours I’ve ever seen, so a dream dress to design from the get go. Again when you have such good quality fabric to work with, your world really is your oyster regarding design and finished look, and it’s easy to drape and get a good finish, and that’s exactly what I did with this one. With the Sheath dress finished, I cut up some bias pieces, threw it around my mannequin for a couple of days, and voila…. I got this beauty, what I would call a mixture of a Boat, Cowl, and High Neck Line. With the back of Dress cut down in a V, I finished it off with a very large Lapel style Cut Finish.

This was so gorgeous on Edwina, the colour was perfect on her, and with the Sheath Dress so unbelievably flattering, she looked so so so Beautiful! Any Style, Colour, Fabric and Cut, Anything is possible!!  Call 0871711339 and start your personal journey through Creating that Unique Piece for that Something Special!!

Big Thanks once again for these Beautiful Headpieces Ashleigh, Hats By Ashleigh Myles. Ashleigh made Edwinas Orange piece especially for the Dress design and the colour was Perfect!! I picked this vibrant pink headpiece from the huge selection she so kindly gave me to choose for the day! It was a Perfect colour as I felt the black needed a bit of a pick me up, and finding matching shoes #winning , and we were #twinning!!?

Thanks so much again Ash….xxx

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